December 2, 2021 – THANKSGIVING IN CANADA, EH!

    In Canada, Thanksgiving is well known on the second Monday in October. The origin and historical past of Thanksgiving Day in Canada is completely different from the American Thanksgiving. Whereas the American custom talks about remembering Pilgrims and settling within the New World, Canadians give thanks for a profitable harvest. The geographical location of Canada is additional north as in comparison with the US due to this fact the harvest season falls earlier in Canada.
   In Canada Thanksgiving 2009 might be celebrated on second Monday in October – twelfth October 2009.

There are three traditions behind Canadian Thanksgiving Day:

1. The farmers in Europe held celebrations at the time of harvesting to offer thanks for his or her luck of a bountiful harvest and abundance of meals. The farmers would fill a goat’s curved horn with fruits and grains. This curved horn was often known as a cornucopia or the horn of lots. It’s believed that when the European farmers got here to Canada they introduced this custom of Thanksgiving with them.


2. The historical past of Thanksgiving in Canada is said to Martin Frobisher, who was an English navigator. He made lots of efforts to discover a northern passage to the Orient. Although he didn’t achieve his efforts however he was capable of set up a settlement in Northern America. Within the yr 1578, he held a proper ceremony, in what’s now often known as Newfoundland, to offer thanks for surviving the lengthy journey. That is thought of the primary Canadian Thanksgiving. Martin Frobisher was later knighted and an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean in northern Canada was named as ‘ Frobisher Bay‘ after him. When different settlers arrived right here they continued this ceremony of giving thanks.

3. The third affect occurred in 1621 in what’s now the US. Right here the pilgrims, who have been the English colonists, celebrated their first harvest within the New World at Plymouth Massachusetts. By the 1750s this celebration of harvest was introduced to Nova Scotia by American settlers from the south.
   Within the 1600s, one other navigator Samuel de Champlain crossed the ocean and arrived to Canada. Different French Settlers additionally got here with him and their group held big feasts of thanks for the harvests. On this occasion they shared their meals with the Native American neighbors and thus concerned them of their celebrations. Then they fashioned ‘ The Order of Good Cheer’ which marked the harvests and different occasions as nicely.

   After the Seven Yr’s Struggle led to 1763, the residents of Halifax held a special occasion of Thanksgiving.
   Throughout the American Revolution the Individuals who remained loyal to England moved to Canada. They introduced with themselves the customs and practices of the American Thanksgiving to Canada.
   In 1879, the Parliament declared sixth day of November because the day of Thanksgiving and in addition declared it a nationwide vacation. Through the years completely different dates have been used for celebrating the Thanksgiving Day in Canada however the hottest date was the third Monday of October.
   After World Struggle I, each Armistice Day and Thanksgiving Day have been celebrated on a standard day that was Monday of the week wherein fell the eleventh day of November. Ten years later, in 1931, each Armistice Day and Thanksgiving Day turned separate holidays and Armistice Day was renamed because the ‘Remembrance Day’.
   Lastly, on January thirty first, 1957, the Parliament issued a proclamation to repair completely the 2nd Monday in October because the Thanksgiving Day. The Proclamation goes as…

A Day of Common Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed … to be noticed on the 2nd Monday in October…”

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